A Little About Us
Company Overview
Shepard is a customer-driven Print Management Company and Graphic Arts Consultant that designs and produces targeted, personalized direct mail packages, as well as specialty printed products.

We gained our background from designing and producing response driven formats for the direct mail industry. Using this knowledge, we have been able to produce these direct mail formats, in test quantities, by using a combination of inline finishing and conventional methods. This eliminates the high make ready cost associated with inline web test packages, and affords you the opportunity to economically test new formats.

We have established an international outsourcing network of printers, paper sources, and services related to direct mail, commercial, and specialty applications
Shepard was founded in 1974 as a printer of record jackets, sleeves and sheet music. Over the years it emerged into the production of commercial printing for travel catalogs, printing them in the US and exporting them to UK for major airlines and tour companies.

When the exchange rate became favorable, Shepard began producing direct mail catalogs in Canada, shipping them back to the US and mailing them for major catalogers. The result was a large cost savings to the catalog industry.

Today we search out the same types of advantages, always looking for that odd size, out of the mainstream equipment that can be used to benefit a client’s need. Always looking for that little known manufacturing site tucked away in an obscure location.

Even companies that have a full time print production staff will benefit from our experience.
Principal Markets Served
Advertising Agencies

Direct Mail Catalogs

Fund Raising Agencies

Promotional and Gaming Agencies

Utility Companies


Banking & Financial Institutions