Selecting an independent printer is important. To Help with the decision, use the following resources...

What Should
What should I expect from a certified independant printer?
Here's what you can expect from Shepard Printing:
Professionalism: Involvement in planning the project to assure the proper size, paper grade, type of printing, budget, written quality assurance specifications, delivery requirements, assigning responsibility for each step of the project and closing out of the project.

Achievement: Assurance that the objective of the project is accomplished within the allocated budget.
What Can
Here's what an Independent Printer CAN do:

Match your print project with the right equipment in the right location. Your requirements are carefully evaluated to match each vendor's capabilities.

Minimize the hassle you face from multiple salespeople calling on you for each project. An Independent Printer coordinates the entire project-layout, copy, electronic mechanicals, photography, illustrations, electronic prepress, printing and finishing. Independant Printers also assume responsibility for the final product. You spend your time planning and managing for your business.

Save you time. An independent printer can help you prepare specifications that are clear and concise. In many cases, the Independent Printer will offer suggestions that will save money and improve the finished product, while still meeting budget and schedule requirements.

Allow you to focus on the finished product and not the endless details -- paper, inks, press capability, quality expectations, scheduling... ad infinitum... "print buying" experience on staff.
An Independent Printer works best with:

Companies and individuals that value creative counsel, personal service, and technical expertise in the Direct Mail Printing of specialty formats and unique finishing requirements.
What Will
What Shepard will do for you as your Print Management Partner...

Every project starts off with an objective. A clear concise written plan has to be developed, and that's where we excel! From the pre-planning to the letter shop instructions to the close out of the project, we are responsible!
Planning the Project

* Identify the objective of the project
* Establish budgets and schedules
* Plan what steps are required to reach the objective
* Who, what, where, when & why all need to be answered

What Tools Are Needed

* Choice of companies that possess the right equipment, in the right geographical location must be identified and chosen
* What supplies are required in what time frame
* Which of the manufacturing sites has the right talent, equipment and ability.


We write the accountability procedures for the planning, suppliers, schedule enforcement, paperwork flow, shipping/delivery, sampling, quality assurance levels of acceptable and non-acceptable product, inventory and handling of complaints.

What Happens If...

Assigning responsibility for quality, timely scheduling and insuring that the liability for the production is transferred from the client to the vendor is all part of our job.

Project Close Out

The closing out of the project is as important as the actual production. Delivery receipts, postal reconciliation, inventory reports and invoices have to be compiled for future reference. Two months from now a question comes up about the project and the answers that are needed right away are readily available.